digitalconcept and layout

The Challenge

Group project – digital concept for We Do Wood.

The task was to create a digital concept for the company what will help them to gain new costumers and make the brand more known on the market.

We had access to their information, visuals and statistics and we also had contact to the company`s sales manager.

The focus points were on the different social media platforms, cross medias and the analyzation of their current website.  

The Solution

The main concept was to design a digital catalogue with user created content by using an online tool called I was on charge to design the visuals.

The reason why we think it is a good solution:

  • It can be used printed and digital form
  • Easy to use or share on the website / social platforms
  • In digital form the different products can be linked to the online stores where the costumers can buy them.
  • It can be used as inspiration
  • Promotion


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