web concept and layout design 

The Challenge

The purpose of the project:
– redesign the “Davids coffee” homepage
– include the elements of co creation on the homepage
– create basic idea for the campaign
Davids coffee sells quality coffee to the “coffee lovers”. Company wants to highlight simplicity of the design, innovation of the producing coffee flavours and the highest quality of the coffee beans.

Right now the company wants to establish on the scandinavian market with the slogan “Scandinavian taste”.

The Solution

We created the clear and elegant homepage, here we use white spaces, subdued color and images wich refers to the scandinavian look (on the page describing products we place the video – which should tell the story of the company – the passion of making coffee).

We belive, that coffee lovers would like to get to know about the proces of burning coffee and they would like to try to make their own coffee mix. For this reason we made a competition for the best coffee mix ( co-creation element)