About Me

Hi! I’m Kinga

graphic designer
About Me

Hi! I’m Kinga

graphic designer

This is My Story


If someone would ask me to describe myself with one sentence it would be – a creative mind with a huge smile. I love my field to the bottom of my heart with every shiny and shady part.

To be a graphic designer is a lifestyle and I am passionate about colours and forms in every aspects of my life – like when I choose my outfit or organise my apartment or working on a new merchandise. I become a designer to help people or companies to communicate the best way what their business stands for and in the same time I can use my creativity in many different ways.

I Work With You To Bring Your Vision to Life, Stress Free.

For me it is important to have a good communication between the client and  the designer.

Even though my education is a wide range of different skills such as layout design, visual identity, content development, UX and UI design and graphical solutions, I always eager to learn new methods and develop new skills.


To create a visuals to the concept is a interesting challenge  and I like to try different approaches to a solution in order to satisfy the costumer and design something new and beautiful. From the very beginning, it is important to see the vision but in the same time to enjoy the process.
Social media is something what gives new challenges every day – because it is changing  day by day and so do the users behind it. I wrote my final exam about the topic of Facebook Business and I also handle my own Instagram profile in the last year for fun and for the sake of learning about user behavior on these channels.Plus, it leads us to the next step….
Photography and video creation and editing is a passion for me. It is not only at be shown on a pictures but also take pictures and videos. Besides my Instagram profile I am also experimenting with video creation and therefore I decided to make a video CV what you can watch down below. (coming soon)

8 Random Small FACTS

about me

01  Artist

In my free time, I am a hobby photographer. I also like to paint  and have a previous education as decorative painter.

02  Why Denmark?

7 years ago, I came here to study in a “højskole” – where I met with amazing people and I got touched by this place. I like hygge, the bicycles, the rain, the people, the language, the culture and the opportunities here.

03  Coffee power

I work the best with a cup of coffee in my hand but  I am always up for a small chat over a mug and there is no morning without it either.



I have been lucky to be able to see a world a bit, and I hope I can travel more in the future. One of the most beautiful trip was to travel around England with my family.

05   Winter

Autumn and winter are my two favorite seasons. Autumn is the most “hyggeligt”  time of the year and I adore the windy weather and the colors  outside. The coldest season comes with dark days (and lot of candel lights…) but Christmas is always wonderful and  in January, – usually – it is time for the skiing holiday. Hot cacao, snow, snowboard and family time…. Can it be any better?

06  Music

Music has a huge part in my life since my childhood. I play on guitar and a bit on flute as well.  There is almost always music around me and I also love to attend on music events like concerts or musicals..


Healthy – ish lifestyle

I try to be conscious about my lifestyle and environment and therefore I  started to eat healthy and do sports (fitness and pole fitness) in my every-days life. But I still like to eat cookies…. 😉

08  Budapest

I was born in Budapest and it is still one of my favorite place on earth.  It has an amazing vibe and beautiful architectural memories. Last but not least, it is always fantastic to see my friends and family when I travel home for the holidays.

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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